Thursday, February 28, 2008

THE ITS! - Mistakes

The Its! are high energy indie rockers from Chicago who recently released their sophomore LP, Mistakes (a.k.a M!stakes). The CD marks a notable shift from the sound of their 2005 self-titled debut, which was more stripped back in production and overall sound. On Mistakes, The Its! go all out, delivering a fuller, more powerful sound.

At times, the combination of danceable beats and the up front, jumpy vocals of frontman Maciej Padwoski brings to mind acts such as Hot Hot Heat and The Bravery. This is very apparent on cuts such as My Fantasy, When the Trend Dies and the title track, which start off in full force and never take a break.

Opener Winning the Lotto, Just to Say and State of the Union are highlights, offering up instant hooks and well-developed melodies. The hopeful My Day and Seaside are also noteworthy, mixing things up with a bit of acoustic guitar and a slightly more organic vibe.

The lyrics on Mistakes are also worth pointing out. What are We Doing Here?, The Teenaged Local Rock Superstars (TLRS) and Instant Family, for example, refreshingly either make fun of or criticize the stereotypical indie rock bar scene. The Its! come across as having the potential to be highly successful without the typical indie rock pretentiousness, which makes Mistakes even more enjoyable.

Anyone with a soft spot for straight-up, energetic, hooky rock should find Mistakes a worthy addition to their collection. Listen for yourself at The Its! MySpace site and pick up a copy of the disc CD Baby.

- Maciej Padwoski - lead vocals, guitar
- Patrick Fraser - drums
- Nicko McCurley - bass, vocals
- Eric Quinlan - guitar, keys, vocals

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